Shout out to our very own Payman Benz for his outstanding work on LMOE’s season finale!

Director Payman Benz keeps the drama grounded without moving it into mawkish territory, and maintains equal focus on everyone’s fears. While Gail, Melissa, and Todd are of course afraid of a delivery gone south, they aren’t the only one’s holding onto terror. Carol goes into full-on panic mode because she believes her future delivery will be messy and unsuccessful if Erica’s goes poorly. Though his unmovable stoicism might suggest otherwise, Jasper casually accepts that Erica will likely die, like everyone else he has met. It’s somewhat poetic that Tandy is the only one not remotely paralyzed by his worst thoughts. He might have annoyed the hell out of everyone in the early stages of Erica’s delivery, but he also provides comfort to Jasper, telling him that death isn’t an immediate concern for their group because they’re made of stronger stuff.

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