Production: Whether it be a yogurt commercial or a hidden camera viral video stunt for a soda
company we create modern comedy, modern content.

“Whisper” – Dir. Jason Winer
Agency: W+K Portland

“Test Drive 2 with Jeff Gordon” – Dir. Peter Atencio
Agency: Davie Brown & Gifted Youth
Award: One Show Silver, Golden Cleo for Sports
Together “Test Drive 1″ & “Test Drive 2″ amassed over 65 million views

Creative Development: We love getting our hands dirty. Bring us in early and let’s roundtable
ideas. We can pull on all types of creatives: storytellers, joke makers, ad people, entertainment,
content, word or pictures. Start to finish or just punch ups, we love to be there from the start or
start it for you and deliver with a bow. 
Tell us what you need and we’ll find a way to make it work!

We aren’t an agency, we just make

Some examples of our creative work.

“Be Amazing”
Client: GameFly Broadcast Campaign 2013 – Staring Blake Griffin
Ideation, Scripting, Production

“Be Amazing Part 2″
Client: GameFly Broadcast Campaign 2014 – Staring Blake Griffin
Ideation, Scripting, Production

“The Cap’n Crunch Show” Episode 6
Client: Quaker Oats Company – 2013
We scripted and produced hilarious webseries of nine episode for The Cap’n and the agency Huge Inc.
We also designed all web elements and box art for a limited release.
Scripting, Design, Production

Client: Pabst Brewing Co. 2012
A Super Bowl Spot staring Will Farrell that was distrubited through targeted media purchases.
This specific spot only ran in North Platte, Neb. A total of 12 spots were concepted and executed
for the Old Milwaukee brand over two years.
Ideation, Scripting, Production

Client: New Era & Brooklyn Brothers
In 2012 Gifted Youth partnered with Brooklyn Brothers to make a campaign centered around
the MLB rivalery found in Chicago. Gifted Youth scripted and produced the campaign.
Scott Gairdner directed the spots.
Ideation, Scripting, Production

If you’d like more info about our creative capabilities and services please reach out.

Don’t forget. “Comedy has to be funny. Otherwise forget it. It’s not comedy.” – Sergio Cilli