Matt Dilmore

Friendly’s- Fries


Friendly’s- Fries
Cheerios- Yogi
Little Caesars- Pizza-Bot
Noom- Sam
Downy- Takes You Back
Credit Karma- ER
Avocados from Mexico- First Draft Ever
Home Advisor – Sweaters
Lift Master- Cam’s Cam
Interstate – Grandma
Yoplait – Face to Face
ESPN- The Great Imposter

Matt Dilmore is crafting an ever-expanding portfolio that spans commercials, music videos, documentary shorts, viral web videos, and other creative projects. As a commercial director, Dilmore has helmed offbeat campaigns for KFC, Little Caesars, Gatorade, Pepsi, Foot Locker, PlayStation, and more. Memorably, his parody ad for The Shining’s ‘Overlook Hotel’ aired as part of the 90th Oscars broadcast. Dilmore also directed the documentary short ‘The Great Imposter’ as part of ESPN's Emmy award-winning 30-for-30 series. The short tells the story of Detroit salesman Barry Bremen, who gained notoriety in the 1980s for successfully posing as an athlete at over twenty major professional sporting events. Additionally, Dilmore has directed music videos for bands such as Swamp Dogg, Black Lips, and CSS, founded the cult internet-radio show Pussyfoot, and has meticulously restored a long lost art film—a print of which is permanently housed in the Academy archive. His feature film debut—an adaptation of an obscure memoir by a female postal worker—is currently in development.