GIFTED YOUTH is a full service creative production company with offices in Los Angeles and New York City. We make content for television, the web, and your phones. We believe in the magic of imagination, the wonders of creative content, the power of storytelling and the medicinal purposes of laughter.


We produce productions all day long. It’s kind of our thing. As one of the many comically sharp knives in our kitchen, our production capabilities are time, size, scope, and budget agnostic. Which is just a fluffy way of saying we produce content of all lengths, types, and budgets for a wide spectrum of brands and clients. Did we just say the same thing twice? You bet we did. Double impact, baby.

Partnering With Agencies

Hello, agencies! This is the part where we tell you that we make excellent creative partners and that we aren’t a bunch of jerks. We care, we collaborate, and we listen. We say all that because we think it’s pretty true. We also say that because calling ourselves arrogant, hot-headed d-bags who steamroll your clients and alienate your creatives wouldn’t make much marketing sense, now would it?

Creative Development

We’re not an ad agency, but we could be if we wanted to. Because we have all the in house talent needed to develop cohesive brand strategies and generate breakthrough creative that wrap ever so tightly around them. Plus, our people aren’t just advertising people. They’re bona fide joke writers, storytellers, and content creators that can develop creative from the concepting stage all the way to the punch-ups-the-night-before-the-shoot stage.

Partnering With Clients

As we mentioned in the glimmering Creative Development section above, we are a production company with the full range of agency capabilities. We do strategy, concepting, and scripting all right here in the office we share with Funny Or Die (You know, the really funny company Will Ferrell owns with Academy Award winning writer/director Adam McKay?). We do it all, from short, sticky content to big, blown-out campaigns with tasty budgets.

One Last Thing

While this is technically the end of the Capabilities section, we are by no means limited what you just read. And if you think that’s a segue, you’re right. We’re happy to talk turkey and find solutions for whatever you’re working on. So call us and we’ll hash it out together.